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Other issues

We can help you with the following issues:

  • Anxiety
  • Confidence
  • Panic Attacks
  • Depression
  • Character Building
  • Low Self-esteem
  • Motivation
  • Insomnia
  • IBS

I have emphysema and needed a life saving operation; my doctor told me they will not put me on the waiting list until I have stopped smoking for six months. I tried everything but could not manage to stop on my own. The Peterborough Hypnotherapy Clinic was great and made me face up to the facts. I stopped smoking on my first visit. I have been back to see my doctor and he has agreed to put me on the waiting list.


I tried all types of diets but could not manage to lose the weight I needed to lose. The Complete Hypnotic System helped me, I dropped two dress sizes in three weeks.


I had already failed my test  three times I just became, to nervous each test I seemed to get worse. My driving instructor suggested hypnosis well I passed my Test and it definitely worked for me.


I started the Complete Hypnotic Slimming System in January I lost 7lb in one week. This truly is an amazing way to lose weight. I haven't even started the Hypnotic Gastric Band yet.


My 16 year old son had a phobia of balloons he seemed to have a fear of them popping he also had a fear of other loud noises such as fireworks. I am pleased to say that some months on the results are working well. He has been very relaxed around balloons and when one went of behind him at a party he just looked up and commented the treatment worked. I also appreciate being able to sit in on the Hypnotherapy session.


My wife and I both attended the Peterborough Hypnotherapy Clinic on the same day and both stopped smoking after just one session. We save over £70 a week between us.

James and Linda

I have lost 29lb in seven weeks. I am finding the Complete Hypnotic Slimming System so easy. My wife has also lost 17lb


I stopped smoking at just one session at the Peterborough Hypnotherapy Clinic it was brilliant.


I stopped smoking after one session, never looked back.


I smoked over 30 cigarettes a day I also smoked cannabis, it was costing me over £400 a month a friend of my girl friend had stopped smoking at the Peterborough Hypnotherapy Clinic a few months earlier. My girlfriend booked me in. Its been two months now and I don't even feel like smoking. I have already saved over £800.


I have now lost 44lb on the Complete Hypnotic Slimming System and it's only been just over four months. I have now reached my goal weight and size.


The thought of taking my Driving Test made me feel sick I could do all the driving and manoeuvres on my lessons but as soon as the test came round I felt as though I had only just started to drive I forgot everything. The Peterborough Hypnotherapy Clinic helped me I passed; I am now driving my own car.


Slimming Hypnosis

The Amazing New Easy Way To Lose Weight -


The Complete Hypnotic Slimming System / Programme is a very comprehensive System that can change your whole relationship with food and how you think and feel about yourself. Includes FREE HYPNOTIC GASTRIC BAND.

The programme can help with Weight Loss, Weight Control, Eating Habits, Cravings, Emotional Eating, Motivation, Confidence, plus much more. Free initial consultation if required at the, Peterborough Curative Hypnotherapy Clinic.

THE AMAZING NEW EASY WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT     Also Available as a download or CD

Peterborough Hypnotherapy Clinic  26 Priesgate PE1 1WG

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The Peterborough Curative Hypnotherapy Clinics use two Smoking Cessation Programmes one for the lighter smokers and one for the more heavier smokers. The Smoking Cessation Programmes have already helped many people to stop smoking.

Hypnosis combined with Psychotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Produces excellent result
Free initial Consultation if required at the Peterborough Hypnotherapy Clinic. Also Available on CD or Download.

Peterborough Hypnotherapy Clinic 26 Priestgate PE1 1WG

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The Stress Management Programme can help with many of the issues connected with stress and the causes of stress. Such as Anxiety, Confidence, Low Self Esteem, Feeling Worthless, Feeling Paranoid, Insomnia, Depression, Anger, Panic Attacks, Mood Swings, No Confidence,

The Peterborough Curative Hypnotherapy Clinics can help with all the above issues or just the issues relevant to you. These are just some of the issues caused by stress. Tim Pinning is a Stress Management Consultant and specialises in helping people with stress related issues. Using a technique that combines Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and counselling if required.. 

Peterborough Hypnotherapy Clinic 26 Preistgate PE1 1WG

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Every one of us has a fear of some kind. A phobia is an extreme fear it can become so strong and over powering that the person cannot function in their normal rational way. The Kings Lynn & Hunstanton and the Peterborough Hypnotherapy Clinics can help you conquer your Fears and Phobias.

Some of the more common fears and Phobias we have helped our clients with are:
Fears of Flying, Heights, Thunder Storms, Wasps, Being Sick, Standing on Sand, Balloons, Crashing the Car, Driving over Bridges, Open Spaces, Small Spaces, Travelling on Trains, Travelling on Buses, Cats, Dogs, Plus many more.

Stop the Irrational Thoughts Take Back Control

Peterborough Hypnotherapy Clinic 26 Preistgate PE1 1WG.

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Are you doing well on your lessons but can’t perform well on the Driving Test or in your Exams. Tim Pinning is a specialist in helping clients conquer their Driving Test and Exam Nerves.

The Harley Street London and the Peterborough Hypnotherapy Clinic can help you.
The Hypnotherapy Clinic uses Hypnosis, Pyschotherapy and Nuero-Linguistic Programming, NLP. These techniques help to keep you relaxed and focused during your Driving Test and Exams.

Also Available on CD or Download


Peterborough Hypnotherapy Clinic 26 Priestgate Pe1 1WG

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Bereavement is the state of having experienced loss, it is something we all have to go through at some time during our life. It can make you feel as though a large part of our life has been taken from us.

The pain and suffering is the price we pay for loving someone.

Losing someone or something important to us can change our life so very quickly.
The death of a loved one is a very difficult time, it affects us all at sometime.
Peterborough Hypnotherapy Clinic 26 Priestgate PE1 1WG.

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There are more than 100 dirfferent types and sub-types of dementia but it is the primary dementias that are of great concern as currently there are no cures.

The most common types of dementia is Dementia of the Alzheimers Type (DAT) this is followed Vascular Dementia (VAD). It seems to be relatively common to have both types, this is referred to as Mixed Dementia. The third most common type is Dementia with Lewy Bodies (LDT).

Whlie there is no current cure for dementia, there are many things we can do to help reduce the risk of developing dementia and there are some psycho- social statagies that can be used to enhance the quality of life of people living with dementia and their loved ones.

Peterborough Hypnotherapy Clinic PE1 1WG

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Hypno-Chemo offers the Cancer sufferer a legitimate, professional and caring complementary therapy designed to encourage a "POSITIVE EXPENTANCY" at every stage of their illness.

Hypno-Chemo works by reducing clients fears and anxieties using hypnosis and positive visualisation.

The aim of Hypno-Chemo is to offer the cancer sufferer a legitimate professional and caring service aimed at complimenting the establishe treatments, from the doctors, the consultants and the other organisations they may already be involved with.

The Hypno-Chemo Programme is all about building Positivity.

Peterborough Hypnotherapy Clinic, 26 Priestgate PE1 1WG

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Addictions are more powerful and can more dangerous than habits.

Habits become natural parts of our life and can include many things such as brushing your teeth to combing your hair in a certain way.

Addiction are when we do, or take something in excess that can become damaging to our bodies. Addictions can have a psychological effect on the addict as well as their families and friends. Extreme addictions can be fatal. Many addictions are completely mental, such as addictions to gambling, although many of the same triggers and behavioral patterns can also be physical addictions like alcoholism.

In both cases hypnotherapy can be used to help with the behavior patterns related to the addictions

The Peterborough Hypnotherapy Clinic PE1 1WG

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Sports Hypnotherapy can help both the professional and the amateur sportsman or woman, regardless of their sport or ability. The dersire to improve is a characterisic that inspires you to be your best.

There are three main areas that influence our sporting ability, fitness skills, technical skills, and mental skills. Whether you simply want to be more motivated to have the competative edge to win, or you just need more motivation to go to the gym. With the skillfull use of hypnosis many obstacles can be removed from your mind helping to guide you towards your goals.

Peterborough Hypnotherapy Clinics PE1 1WG               

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There are many different ways in which a person can experience Anxiety, for some it can be very severe and disrupt their life for others it can be seen as just an inconvenience, perhaps feeling anxious when speaking or making a presentation at work or school. Anxiety can be brought on by a fear that something will happen.

Panic Attacks, can happen at anytime and without warning, panic attacks are quite common and can be part of another condition or just exist as a symptom on there own.

Confidence, Low Self Esteem, can be seen in many ways, our behaviour, how we speak, our body language.

Hypnotherapy can help with all these issues, hypnotherapy can find the root cause and then find ways to resolve them.

The Peterborough Hypnotherapy Clinic PE1 1WG   

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