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Other issues

We can help you with the following issues:

  • Anxiety
  • Confidence
  • Panic Attacks
  • Depression
  • Character Building
  • Low Self-esteem
  • Motivation
  • Insomnia
  • IBS

I have emphysema and needed a life saving operation; my doctor told me they will not put me on the waiting list until I have stopped smoking for six months. I tried everything but could not manage to stop on my own. The Peterborough Hypnotherapy Clinic was great and made me face up to the facts. I stopped smoking on my first visit. I have been back to see my doctor and he has agreed to put me on the waiting list.


I tried all types of diets but could not manage to lose the weight I needed to lose. The Complete Hypnotic System helped me, I dropped two dress sizes in three weeks.


I had already failed my test  three times I just became, to nervous each test I seemed to get worse. My driving instructor suggested hypnosis well I passed my Test and it definitely worked for me.


I started the Complete Hypnotic Slimming System in January I lost 7lb in one week. This truly is an amazing way to lose weight. I haven't even started the Hypnotic Gastric Band yet.


My 16 year old son had a phobia of balloons he seemed to have a fear of them popping he also had a fear of other loud noises such as fireworks. I am pleased to say that some months on the results are working well. He has been very relaxed around balloons and when one went of behind him at a party he just looked up and commented the treatment worked. I also appreciate being able to sit in on the Hypnotherapy session.


My wife and I both attended the Peterborough Hypnotherapy Clinic on the same day and both stopped smoking after just one session. We save over £70 a week between us.

James and Linda

I have lost 29lb in seven weeks. I am finding the Complete Hypnotic Slimming System so easy. My wife has also lost 17lb


I stopped smoking at just one session at the Peterborough Hypnotherapy Clinic it was brilliant.


I stopped smoking after one session, never looked back.


I smoked over 30 cigarettes a day I also smoked cannabis, it was costing me over £400 a month a friend of my girl friend had stopped smoking at the Peterborough Hypnotherapy Clinic a few months earlier. My girlfriend booked me in. Its been two months now and I don't even feel like smoking. I have already saved over £800.


I have now lost 44lb on the Complete Hypnotic Slimming System and it's only been just over four months. I have now reached my goal weight and size.


The thought of taking my Driving Test made me feel sick I could do all the driving and manoeuvres on my lessons but as soon as the test came round I felt as though I had only just started to drive I forgot everything. The Peterborough Hypnotherapy Clinic helped me I passed; I am now driving my own car.



Sports Hypnotherapy


Sports Hypnosis is for the professional or amatuer sportsman or woman, regardless of their given sport, their desire for constant improvement is a characteristic that inspires us to be our best.

There are three main factors that can influence our sporting ability, fitness skills, technical skills, and mental skills. Although many sports performers will spend a great deal of time on their fitness and technical skills, they tend to neglect the importance of the mental side.

Whether you simple want to feel more motivated to go to the gym, or whether you need a competative edge to win. With hypnotherapy many of these obstacles can be overcome and removed from your mind helping you towards your goals.

Currently hypnotherapy in sport is mainly used to help control the athlete's emotional experiences, that is, to control anxiety levels,to stimulate aggressive behaviour when appropriate, to regulate concerntration demands, to enhance motivation, to insill self-confidence and pride, and to inhibit any psychological factors that can often serve to limit physical performances.

All professional sports persons will know the importance of having a well balanced mind in order to excel in their chosen sport and to excell in their performance. Many sports persons find themselves performing badly because they are not using their minds in a positive way. It is now becomming reconised that Psycotherapy (hypnotherapy) in sport can be a great asset.

Sports Hypnotherapy uses Psychotherapy and Hypnosis to help you enhance your mental strength, to overcome your sports injuries, and to improve your performance, it can help you to focus and with concerntration in training and in competitions. It can be particulary effective for building self confidence, over comming poor past perfomances, and visualising new complicated techniques.

By changing how you use your minds when you approach a game by enhancing self belief, dealing with how you respond to comming errors, setting your goals and maintaining a positive attitude. It is possible to make a significant impact on your performance.

The Power Of Visualisation is Described In The Following Points 

  • Visualisation allows you to prepare and practice your responses to physical and psychological problems that do not accur normally. This can mean, if they do occur you respond confidently.
  • Visualisation allows you to practice and prepare for events and eventualities you can never train for in reality, with practice it can allow you to enter a situation you have never  phycically experienced.
  • Visualisation allows you to pre-experience the achievements of your chosen goals. This in turn helps to give you confidence that you can achieve your goals, and allow you to increase your performances.
  • Practicing the relaxed state of hypnosis helps you to break down the more complex skills into consitituant parts so that you can isolate where the problems are.

The Main Areas Where Hypnotherapy Can Help Are Listed Below

  • Performance Enhancement.
  • Competative Nerves.
  • Mental Blocks.
  • Motivation.
  • Overcomming Slumps In Performance.
  • Improving Concerntration And Focus.
  • Recovering From Injuries.
  • Confidence.
  • Unconsious Conditioned Responses.
  • Anxiety In The Competition Arena.
  • Managing Emotions.
  • Unhelpful Belief Patterns.
  • Performance Nerves.
  • Performance Rehearsals.
  • Positive Visualisation.

Below Are Just A Few Examples Of How Hypnotherapy Is Currently Being Used In Sports.

Golf - Perfect swing, putting, hitting over hazards, teeing off, these are just a few of the area's hypnotherapy can help in golf.

These can be adapted to many other sports such as, Football, taking penalties, or taking penalties. serving in Tennis, Atheletics quick of the blocks. Hypnotheapy can help in all sports.

Team Performances 

Football, Rugby, or Hockey players can be hypnotised in group or individual settings and then asked to mentally visualise themselves executing precise skills. They are then prosented with a posthypnotic suggestion that they can then translate the visualisations into action during the game or practice at the same at the same levels of expertise that they had visualised. Most crucial here, is that during the the visualisation sessions, the atheles are istructed that while visualising the various skills, there will be a concomitant physical experience in their bodies, this leads to strenghtening of neural patterns through hypnotic mental imagery, which reinforces neuromuscular co-ordination. 

Individual Performance 1

When competing agains tone particular opponent, a young golfer, or this could be a ( tennis player, darts player, bowls player, or any other athelete, ) feels stressful and consequently perorms badly. This happens over and over again against the same person, but not against any other opponents. His belief of not being able to perform is reinforced every time he meets this particular opponent. This is obviously an emotional problem and not a matter of poor techniques. In this situation hypnotherapy is used to influence the emotions and attitudes of the golfer to focus attention on particular relevant cues to improve their golf game. A suggestion such as block out the environment on each shot and concentrate on  the rhythm of the swing, could be used here.

Individual Performance 2

A gymnast is experiencing fear when attempting a particular routine. they are told to visualise a "happiness room" in their mind. this is to be a completely pleasant room, decorated to their taste, anything that makes them feel happy is placed in the room. They are to have television in the room and to watch themself perform the routine to perfection on the television. Then they are given posthypnotic suggestions to relax and how easy it is, as they initiate the routine. Now in practice and in competitions they are told to visit their happiness room just prior to performing this routine, where they can visualise themself performing the routine perfectly.

Many atheletes have trouble getting to sleep, especially the night before an important competition. suggestions can be used to faciltate relaxation or sleep.

These are examples of how hypnotherapy can help and have help people in the past in their chosen sports. As mentioned previously, it is the mental attitude where hypnotherapy is most effective. It can be applied to specific situations in sport to reduce the feelings of pressure, anxiety and stress.